Now, Even Our Spoiler Alerts Need Trigger Warnings

I don’t know why I even read comments or message boards any more. I know people are the worst- why do I need to see it reinforced?

I was checking out a film on IMDB. Apparently, there is a ‘controversial’ scene and folks on the message board we’re trying to skirt around it while discussing the film. Then I saw it- the comment that proved how self-centered some of us had become. It was the Inception of self absorbed entitlement. A young woman (I assume from her user name) said that she was glad no one had posted any spoilers, as she was planning to read the novel the film was based on and she didn’t want that experience ruined. She then proceeded to ask if the controversial scene was a sexual assault, because she had heard that it was and she had trouble watching or reading about that sort of thing.

OK, let’s take a look at what happened here- this person didn’t want any spoilers ruining her experience. Got it- that’s reasonable enough. She logged onto a major motion picture fan site, looked up the specific movie she didn’t want spoiled and went into the message boards to a thread about a majorly spoiler-y plot element. Umm… OK I guess. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but what evs- it’s your internet. She  then commented expressing her gratitude that no one had spoiled it. Well that’s really nice of you- how sweet! Finally, she asked someone to do the very thing she was so worried about. Why? Because she had a hard time watching or reading about sexual assault. What? You just spoiled the scene that you didn’t want spoiled because you needed a trigger warning for a subject that you brought up (without a trigger warning, mind you!)! This, my friends, is every single negative stereotype of the younger generation- a millennial version of Larry the Cable Guy.

I hope this is the work of a master troll. I can appreciate the subtle art here if that’s what was intended. Seriously- it’s like the Onion and Reductress had a baby. Unfortunately I think this was a real person, so wrapped up in their own personal brand of entitlement and snowflake-ism that they can’t see how utterly ridiculous they are. Argh!

Here’s the thing- the world is a harsh place, full of uncomfortable discussions and information you don’t want to know. Avoid it if you must but don’t expect the world to change for you. We tell young people ‘It gets better’, not because the world improves, but because we grow and toughen up and get much better at handling the hard bits and jagged parts of the world around us.

Even chickens figure out that they need to leave their shell if they want to grow.


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